Discovery, design & delivery of transformative technology pathways for the giants of tomorrow.

The Digital Pathfinders
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Why Modu?
We are digital pathfinders.

Inspired and driven by the clients we call LeaderX - those doers not content with anything but results, working for the brands intent on forging a way through disrupted industries. Pathfinders have the experience, toolkits and interdisciplinary smarts to apply the design and technology patterns that make a difference across a business.

We don’t believe in digital transformation sometime in the future after LeaderX has left. We believe change happens now. Step by step, piece by measured piece. And every step we take together is another step on the path to becoming a giant of tomorrow.
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What we do

Our Approach


Because traditional business consulting uses large-scale, blueprint/playbook/ cookie-cutter strategies - there is no path to follow, just one gigantic end goal. Lifecycles are shorter, landscapes change more rapidly than ever - time-bound and goal-driven delivery is needed more than ever

Digital Pathfinding is the process of discovery, design and delivery of timebound, measurable, evolutionary change by modular applicationof technology.  We find the routes, existing or new, to build businesses in disrupted industries from where they are today to the giants of tomorrow. We do that through our people, whether as “managed talent” for hire, or as a fully accountable “Performance Team”.

We use thousands of patterns developed in the ‘fires of experience’, and operate on strict, results-based 15-and 60-day delivery cycles. Our people are amazing. Their combined business skills, technology skills, empathy, humanity and ability to translate a business outcome to a navigable path makes them Modu.

We are a diverse team of client-side practitioners who are rethinking everything

Tom Barnett Headshot
Tom Barnett
COO & Co-Founder
Darren Linden Headshot
Darren Linden
Angie Main Headshot
Angie Main
Organisational Development Coach & Consultant
Chris Geldard Headshot
Chris Geldard
Chairman & Co-Founder
Sacha Rook Headshot
Sacha Rook
Non-Executive Director
Roy Aston's  Headshot
Roy Aston
Non-Executive Director
Colin McQuade Headshot
Colin McQuade
David Laing Headshot
David Laing
Honor Paddock Headshot
Honor Paddock
Head of Marketing
Toby Sexton Headshot
Toby Sexton
Operations Lead
Annie O’Brien Headshot
Annie O’Brien
People Operations Manager
Kelly Brazier Headshot
Kelly Brazier
Finance Manager
Jen Robson Headshot
Jen Robson
Talent Acquisition Manager
Ross Headshot
Ross Butler
Talent Sourcer
Charlotte Robinson Headshot
Charlotte Robinson
Talent Acquisition Associate

We are growing our digital consulting & delivery organisation and we're always keen to work with new people.

We'd love to hear from you if you think you can help us rethink how things are done and create a new whitespace.
We are looking for:
Delivery Leads
Tech Leads
Product Managers
UX/UI Designers
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