We are a leading growth consultancy that integrates cutting edge thinking, design and delivery to enable any company to turn volatility from a challenge to an opportunity.

Our mission is to build the growth engine for the giants of tomorrow.
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Headquartered in Spitalfields, London, modu’s mission is to build the growth engine for the giants of tomorrow.

As a consultancy, we believe uncertainty and volatility defines much of the dynamics of business in the 21st century and our expertise lies in enabling companies to turn this volatility from a challenge into an opportunity.

We do this by helping our clients identify growth opportunities and helping them build better products and experiences. Our method involves breaking down data, insight, industry expertise and consumer behaviour into patterns, or ‘units of thinking’ to identify opportunities and create a blueprint for growth.

This blueprint is then executed through modular impact, breaking down the big goals and challenges into small actions and adaptations, enabling businesses to respond to the market as it changes, instead of reacting. Growth is unlocked through a 60 day outcome process, rapidly creating an impact.
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We partner with our customers across three core disciplines


Unique perspectives to deliver unique outcomes. Rich perspectives and thinking which operate in new ways. Leveraging experience, research, data and insight to unlock opportunities

Every journey begins with a single step. We’re iterating endlessly in Creative and Design, Product Experience, Customer Insights, UX and Service Design

Building new & optimising existing products & services. Harnessing the power of MACH architecture to accelerate delivery daily and achieve outcomes every 60 days

We are a diverse team of client-side practitioners who are rethinking everything

Tom Barnett Headshot
Tom Barnett
COO & Co-Founder
Darren Linden Headshot
Darren Linden
Angie Main Headshot
Angie Main
Organisational Development Coach & Consultant
Chris Geldard Headshot
Chris Geldard
Chairman & Co-Founder
Sacha Rook Headshot
Sacha Rook
Non-Executive Director
Roy Aston's  Headshot
Roy Aston
Non-Executive Director
Colin McQuade Headshot
Colin McQuade
Non-Executive Director
David Laing Headshot
David Laing
Honor Paddock Headshot
Honor Paddock
Head of Marketing
Toby Sexton Headshot
Toby Sexton
Operations Lead
Annie O’Brien Headshot
Annie O’Brien
People Operations Manager
Kelly Brazier Headshot
Kelly Brazier
Finance Manager
Jen Robson Headshot
Jen Robson
Talent Acquisition Manager
Ross Headshot
Ross Butler
Talent Sourcer
Charlotte Robinson Headshot
Charlotte Robinson
Talent Acquisition Associate

We are growing our digital consulting & delivery organisation and we're always keen to work with new people.

We'd love to hear from you if you think you can help us rethink how things are done and create a new whitespace.

We are looking for:
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Tech Leads
Product Managers
UX/UI Designers
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